What are the main difference from ALUMINUM and STEEL ferrule Slings ?

Aluminum ferrules slings are manufacturing thru TURN BACK METHOD 

Steel Ferrule are Manufacturing thru FLEMISH METHOD

Aluminum Ferrule slings are not acceptable by Saudi Aramco

Steel Sleeves Slings are acceptable by Saudi Aramco.

Loading capacities and SWL ( Safe Working Load) are same for both type of slings.

For Steel Sleeves, SLEMCO is using only CROSBY (S505) Cold Tuff Steel Sleeves.

Can you please provide the certificate with the validity of 1 year?

As per the Interantional standards, for all type of lifting gears can provide the certificate with 6months validity.

Whether the slings are approved by Saudi Aramco?

YES, SLEMCO is approved by Saudi Aramco for its products Wire Rope Slings, Webbing Slings, Chain Slings and Crane Safety Instruments.

What is mean by F.O.S?

F.O.S : Factor of safety.   This is the ratio of Minimum Breaking Load ( M.B.L)  and Safe Working Load (SWL). As per the British Standard the F.O. S of wire rope Slings should be 5:1.



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