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Saudi Lifting Equipment Manufacturing Company Limited (SLEMCO) was established in the year 1982. SLEMCO is a fully, Saudi owned Company and is one of the leading Manufacturers of lifting equipment for oil related industries and other users in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SLEMCO under its division (UNITEST) also inspects, proof load, tests, certifies and maintain all types of Cranes and lifting equipment.

Our manufacturing unit is based in Dammam with full factory facilities to design, manufacturing and maintain all types of lifting equipment, which include but not limited to:
› Webbing and webbing slings from 1 to 12 width (up to 24 width upon request).
› Wire Rope and wire Rope Slings from 3mm diameter to 52mm diameter,

Splicing wire ropes by hand, Aluminum ferrules, Crosby “COLD TUFF” Steel Sleeves with Flemish eyes and also white metal socketing in accordance with BS and ASME Specifications. The Steel wire Ropes of almost all constructions and Grades, such as 6x19, 6x25 ( FI ), 6x36, Non-Rotating wire ropes 18x7 , 19x7, 18 x19, 37x7, 34x7 35x7etc. Fiber Core, IWRC & IWSC, Galvanized & Ungalvanized, IPS & EIPS Grade, Ordinary, and Lang’ s Lay, Right Hand, Left Hand, Alternate lay and Compacted.

› Chain and Chain Slings from 7mm to 32mm diameter.
› Cargo and safety nets to customers Specification.
› Manila Ropes and Manila Ropes Slings - All Sizes.
› Nylon Ropes and Nylon Ropes Slings - All Sizes.
› PP Ropes and PP Ropes Slings (Mooring Ropes)- All sizes.
› PE Ropes and PE Ropes Slings - All Sizes.
› Blocks and Fittings For wire Rope and Chain.
› Chain Block, Chain Hoists, and Lever Hoists – wide range and make.
› Safe Load Indicators (SLI).

We manufacture Slings in accordance with international Standards, such as British Standards’ (BS-EN 13414-1) (wire Ropes Slings), (BS-EN818) (Alloy Steel Chain Sling), (BS-EN 1492) (webbing Sling ), as well as American Standard ASME B 30.9, which is used by Saudi Aramco, and other applicable standards.

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