Wire Ropes

SLEMCO maintains a large stock of wire rope for applications. Our high-quality wire ropes are sourced from Europe. Korea, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

Wire Ropes Slings

Slemco maintains a large stock of wire ropes with different constructions for various lifting applications".

Wire Ropes with Different End Terminations

One of the most comprehensive rigging facilities in the Middle East etc.

Webbing Slings

Webbing slings are usually made from polyester, and are designed to lift heavy loads. Our range of polyester webbing slings in particular is suitable for loads from 0 - 6 tonnes. Webbing slings are flexible, lightweight and have a wide bearing surface, which helps protect the load you are lifting.

Round SLings

Round Slings are an endless loop of yarns, covered by a woven tubular jacket. Our range of round slings can lift anywhere between 1 to 30 tonnes, so naturally the round sling is a preferable option if you have to lift a load exceeding 6 tonnes.

Chain Slings

Single Leg Chains, 2 Leg Chains, 3 Leg and 4 Leg Chain slings at any length to suit your application with a shortening clutch fitted for leg length adjustment

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